Steel mills and rolling mills have conventional techniques of manufacturing and require heavy machinery that is efficient and durable during extreme working conditions. We have been associated with heavy engineering giants in the industry and have closely worked with them to develop new machines to better improve the efficiency of the cycle and provide low maintenance equipment. Steel and rolling mills are industries where extreme working conditions are frequently observed. It is therefore required required that the machinery is maintained at normal working parameters and continuously lubricated to ensure smooth operations. We have developed special lubrication systems that are beneficial for continuous and smooth operation of the steel industry machinery.

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Sugar Industry and sugarcane processing industry is one of the most niche markets in the food industry and is developing at a rapid pace. Sugar is in high demand globally and thus the need for efficient and innovative methods for processing. We have been involved with the sugar processing industry for almost a decade now and are well equipped to solve a variety of problems that arise frequently. We are continuously in process of innovating the existing machinery and bringing out new products that can further add value to the sugar processing industry. We are involved in providing complete design support, new product development, service and maintenance of existing equipment and many other activities for the sugar industry. We are also involved in processes starting from the unloading of sugarcane to dispatch of processed material.


Cement is a leading demand in the developing countries and is increasing in demand by the day. The majority requirement of the cement industry is the ease of material handling. We manufacture many conventional products with latest technical innovations that make these products more efficient and sturdy. The major development that we do for the cement industry is in the material handling segment. The cement industry requires efficient mass handly of products and poses new problems frequently during such encounters. We closely work with the teams in the cement industry to develop new products and improve the efficiency of existing products.

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Waste or scrap management is an industry which applies reusable materials to generate energy for boilers. This industry also deals with the stacking and disposal of waste materials. The major feature of the waste industry is that each application is unique and hence the solution to deal with these problems. We are continuously working towards developing more efficient machines to improve scrap or waste management. We are also working towards innovating new machines and techniques to better handle the waste. Our team is working towards developing a machine to separate solid waste and use it for powering up boilers. These machines help us towards developing more green energy environment.

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Power is an a basic requirement for the running of any application. It is generated by various forms and have a multitude of applications both domestic and industrial. There have been many new developments and innovations in the power industry and we have been a part of this developing industry sector since the start of our journey. Power industry as a conventional industry has very specific requirements and heavy and extreme working conditions. We are continually involved in developing more efficient and reliable machinery for the power industry.

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Railways is an industry which uses heavy duty hydraulic equipments for almost all major applications. It starts from the railway wagon manufacturing to maintenance of railway equipment. We have been associated with railways since the beginning of our journey. We are always in the process of manufacturing better and heavy duty equipment for the railways and improving the serviceability of the railways. 


General engineering consists of a broad spectrum of industries that apply a lot of hydraulic products and solutions in their processes. We deal with a lot of engineering verticals that are into heavy engineering projects, product manufacturing like helmets, automobile parts and components, machinery and many more. The requirements that arise from this vertical help us both in standardising products for similar problems and customise our products to improve the efficiency of existing products.

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