Mill duty hydraulic cylinder

Mill Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

This mill duty cylinder is a special type of industrial grade cylinder developed to match the working conditions of the metal industry. The metal industry demands a sturdy and durable products that can withstand the heavy duty working conditions and provide performance efficiency at the same time. It should also provide less maintenance and longer working cycles.

The mill duty cylinder is available in a few standard sizes but it is majorly a custom made product that will help customers find a better fit according to their applications. They are developed with a high yield strength materials to provide a longer work cycle with under extreme working conditions. The mill duty cylinders adopt features like position sensing, composite wear rings, a precision fit body seal etc. The piston rod is precision machined and hard chrome plated piston rod to provide a durable work life and reduced losses. 

Our Mill duty cylinders are essentially available in two forms, standard and custom, where we work in close connection with our customers to study their applications and provide them with the best combination of our cylinders, providing them with maximum output efficiency and cost saving benefits. We are also involved with complete design support and assistance for replacement of your existing cylinders 

The mill duty cylinders are available in a range of mounting options that are listed along with their details and vary as per your application. They are also custom made to handle heavy duty, medium duty and light duty applications. We also offer special sealing packages, based on your working conditions that offer superior performance as well as improved life expectancy of your cylinder


Design Features


    1. Piston Rod
      • Precision machined, Hard chrome plated for better durability and superior performance
      • Also available in stainless steel
    2. Steel Casing
      • High yield strength steel casing to provide maximum support and a better work cycle
      • Precision machined to withstand heavy duty operations
      • Custom machining and material options depending on end application
    3. Head and Caps
      • Single round piece head and caps developed from high strength materials and precision machining
      • Composite wear bands to reduce side loads along with improved bearing and seals.  
      • The wear bands also reduce bearing stress and maintenance
    4. Composite Wearbands
      • To reduce metal contact proving frictional losses
      • Increased load carrying, reduced wear and better life
    5. Sealing System
      • The wiper and seal combination in association with the piston rod material provides impeccable durability and performance
      • Our hydraulic cylinders are custom fit with a series of double lip seals and wipers to provide a dynamic sealing at pressure fluctuations
      • The sealing system consists of an extra wide wearband, that along with a highly efficient piston seal offers extended life. 
      • .Customised design options also available in sealing for optimum performance measures
    6. Adjustable Screws
      • Ease of Maintenance
      • Allows for a full range of adjustments for better operation of cushioning
    7. Cushion System
      • The controlled acceleration and deceleration profiles translates into quicker cycle times and increased production
      • cushioning helps in avoiding the impact load on end covers of cylinder at end of stroke for high speed application.
    8. Threaded body flanges
      • The threaded steel flange design is developed for various capacities, providing superior durability and increased safety features
      • High strength bolts with hardened steel washers prove to give virtually no breakdowns.


Product Features

  1. Precision machined, high yield strength materials of construction provides improved durability.
  2. Threaded flange design for shorter lead time for better work efficiency
  3. New bearing design for improved performance, that makes it suitable for more critical application.
  4. Custom design manufacturing to provide a better fit for a variety of  applications. 

Technical Specification

      1. Bore-40 to 320 mm
      2. Rod- 28 to 225 mm
      3. Stroke- Upto 6000 mm
      4. Working Pressure- 350 Bar



Side Lug

Cap Fixed Plain Eye

Cap Fixed Eye With Spherical Bearing

Head Circular Flange

Cap Circular Flange

Intermediate Trunnion


Circular Flange

Side Lug

Intermediate Trunnion