Green Energy

Green Energy

Green Energy is made up of products where we make use of reusable waste, solid waste or scrap matter as raw material to power up boilers and other such equipment. The raw materials consist of bagasse that comes as waste from sugar processing, wood chips, solid waste etc which is available easily and would be otherwise disposed off.  

This Green Energy concept is an essential step towards building a sustainable environment for industries and ustiling the waste to improve efficiency by minimising wastage losses. This also helps in utilising the waste which in turn reduces the pollution caused by unprocessed matter. 

Our Innovations

Hydraulic Feeder / MSW Feeder

Hydraulic feeder is an system that is installed at the feeding point of a boiler for updraft gasification technology. It consists of a hopper, a channel to store the raw material, a hydraulic cylinder to feed the required amount of raw material into the boiler and a feeding system to push the raw material into the boiler. For regular applications the construction of the boiler is kept simple and can be customised depending on the customers requirement or your end application. 

The hydraulic feeder is used majorly for raw materials that are abundantly available as waste from other material processing like bagasse from sugarcane processing, wood chips, solid waste and can fire up the boiler. The raw material is fed into the hopper , which transfers it to the feeding system. The raw material is stored into the feeder and is fed to the boiler depending on the input quantity required by the boiler. There is a hydraulic cylinder installed at one end of the boiler which assists in pushing the raw material into the boiler through the feeding system. The speed and pressure of this ram can be adjusted to suit the feeding capacity of the boiler. The quantity of raw material that is fed into the boiler can also be determined and the feeding system can be adjusted accordingly. 

This Hydraulic feeder ensures that the boiler runs completely on waste and recycled materials and hence has a higher efficiency and reduced losses by a large amount. Since the the raw material to be fed into the system is also waste materials, it also helps in environmental sustainability. The hydraulic feeder is used as a replacement to the conventional screw feeder as the gas loss in updraft gasification is high. 

The gases when escaped from the hopper are hazardous and can cause burns or ignite the hopper fuel. The hydraulic feeder will burn the raw materials at the entry of the gasifier to avoid the flow of gases to the atmosphere, thus increasing the efficiency of the boiler by 30-40% 

Product Features

    1. Adjustable feeding speed
    2. Can be used for a variety of raw materials like briquette, bale, wood chips, msw etc. 
    3. This feeder uses a 40HP motor for 1MW plant
    4. Dual feeders, each at one end of the gasifier ensures that the feed is maintained throughout

Technical Specifications

    1. Raw Materials:Briquette, bale, wood chips, MSW
    2. Hydraulic Cylinder: 150/200 bore
    3. Input capacity: 2 TPH
    4. Motor: 40HP – 60HP
    5. Applications: Updraft gasifiers, gasifiers, boilers.