Mill Hydraulic Systems

Mill Hydraulic Systems

Mill Hydraulic system is a special type of Hydraulic system as a customised equipment and finds application majorly or only in a sugar processing industry. The main objective of a mill hydraulic system is to establish a desired average opening to the mill, subject the cane and bagasse to pressure and increase the mill opening under a yielding force.

  The design of a mill hydraulic system consists of an integration of all components which is centrally controlled by the power unit to ensure efficient operation. It consists of a system check at every step to monitor the smooth functioning of the system. There is a mill cap ram pressure check to monitor the mill cap performance at all times. This helps to adjust the performance of the mill roll. The cane feeding is controlled through the first grinding mill.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

The mill hydraulic system is a collection of multiple components acting in unison.

  • Accumulators:  

Accumulators are tanks installed above the mill top roll which are sealed by tigergutt seals to provide efficient lubrication. They are compact and simple in design and hence offer almost no maintenance. The use pure nitrogen and hydraulic oil and have no moving parts, so prove to be one of the most frequently used parts in mills worldwide.  

  • Top Roll Movement Indicator

Top roll movement indicator is a simple mechanical device that provides a visual display of the top roller position and movements in 1/8th inch increments. As it is a simple instrument, it can be easily installed and is rugged in nature, providing an extended life to the instrument.

  • Hydraulic Pump

The Hydraulic pump is an electric push button type that consists of an oil reservoir, check valves, relief valves, a breather, oil filters and gauges. It powers up the mill hydraulic system and consists of a high volumetric capacity. It can start under full hydraulic back pressure, providing  higher efficiency and reduced losses. 

  • Control Panel 

Control Panel consists of a set of visual monitoring displays that allow the operator to judge the status of operation of the hydraulic system. It can monitor the status of parameters like hydraulic pressure for either one or multiple mills. It also allows the operator to adjust the pressure on the mill top rolls as well as synchronize the lift on all mills and control the feed through the first grinding unit

Product Features

  • A set of gauges on the control panel to determine the status of each component at each level during operation.
  •  Provision for lift adjustment and synchronisation of the mill top rolls. 
  • Majorly consists of non moving or piston type parts providing virtually minimal or zero maintenance
  • High pressure hydraulic pump with provision for back pressure for higher efficiency. 
  • Back plate panel to avoid wharpage
  • Glycerine/Non-Glycerine gauges supplied by Walchandnagar industries & TIWAC

Technical Specifications

    1. Size: 1500mm 
    2. Gauge isolation valves
    3. Equaliser valves to equalize pressure on both sides of the mill
    4. Backplate Panel: 8 mm 
    5. Glycerine/Non-Glycerine gauges