Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical devices that use pressurised hydraulic fluid to generate a unidirectional force using a unidirectional stroke. As the pressurised fluid enters the cap end of the cylinder, it creates a push on the piston, extending it in the outward direction. Similarly, when the pressurised fluid enters the rod end of the cylinder, it retracts the piston in the inward direction. They most commonly use oil to generate the force required for operation. It is made up of a strong casing that consists of a cylinder barrel and a piston operated by the piston rod. The hydraulic cylinders are developed in a wide range of customisation options and depending on the type of construction they can be divided into specific types.

Hydraulic cylinders find a plethora of applications in heavy machinery, construction equipment, manufacturing and many other general engineering verticals. They are also used in critical applications like oil rigs, wind turbines, hydro power plants, power generation. They are also available in various mounting types depending on the type of application.

This level of customisation and applications makes the hydraulic cylinder one of the most preferred choice for engineering applications and ease of reproducibility makes it suited for mass production. We assist in helping you with the selection for choosing the right match of hydraulic cylinder for your application. It involves a range of operating pressures, bore sizes, rod diameters, mounting, stroke, working conditions and end connections.  

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