Industrial welded cylinder

Industrial welded cylinder

 We manufacture the Industrial welded cylinder as a standard product that is a perfect example for a product providing higher operating performance with the use of minimal space. It is developed using high strength steel pistons to provide a longer life cycle and optimum performance. It is also available in a custom made form which can include various characteristics like position sensing, composite wear rings, bi-directional piston, hard chrome plated piston rods etc.  The welded cylinder also consists of a precision fit body seal on the outer area of the gland. 

Our welded cylinders are essentially available in two forms, standard and custom made, where we work in close connection with our customers to study their application and provide them with the best combination of our cylinder to provide maximum output efficiency with cost saving benefits. We also include complete design support and assistance for replacement of existing cylinders.

The industrial welded cylinders come with a range of mounting that include clevis, circular flange and special mounting. They can also be customised to handle light, medium and heavy duty applications. It also includes additional options like position sensing, ports, cushioning, valve integration etc. Based on working environment and conditions, we also develop special sealing packages that help improve the life expectancy of your product. 


Design Features

    1. Piston:
      • Single piece piston made from ductile iron
      • Provision of thread locker and set screws to ensure a safe connection to the rod.
    2. Steel Casing
      • The casing is made of high yield strength steel and machine straightened for superior performance 
      • The material and processing specifications are carefully selected for a better life cycle.
    3. Piston Rod
      • Hard chrome plated piston rods for better life cycle
      • Machined from high yield, ground and polished micro-alloy steel
      • Can be made available in different material specifications depending on requirement
    4. Piston Seals
      • Ensure completely sealed environment.
      • Specially designed to suit critical working conditions
      • Bi-directional piston seals can also be provided depending on the requirement.
    5. Rod Seal
      • Necessary to ensure leak proof rod seal.
      • Specially designed, high durometer, mechanically loaded rod seal virtually eliminates rod seal leakage.
      • Urethane rod wiper is abrasion resistant and provides exclusion protection.
    6. Steel Port Boss
      • This ensures a pressure tight porting connection.
      • Completely threaded for optimum port connection
    7. Iron Gland
      • Made of high strength ductile iron. 
      • Additional features include bronze material (SAE 660) for added side load protection

Product Features

  1. High precision machined, high strength steel pistons with hard chrome plating to ensure anti-corrosion
  2. Heavy duty, high quality bearings and seals to ensure maximum life         
  3. Industrial Grade with high yield strength steel used throughout
  4. Wear Band (non metallic) to provide strong side load protection
  5. Seal Leakage is completely eliminated with the use of a mechanical loaded piston and rod seals, that is innovatively designed.

Technical Specification

  1. Bore-63 to 300 mm
  2. Rod- 28 to 225 mm
  3. Stroke- Upto 6000 mm
  4. Working Pressure- 63/160/200 Bar