Hydraulic PowerPack

Hydraulic PowerPack

Hydraulic Powerpack is an adaptable component that can be designed, developed and customised to suit almost all major applications that require hydraulic power to operate. This finds applications in almost all engineering verticals and can be custom made to suit various parameters like size, output power, motor capacity etc. 

A standard construction of the hydraulic powerpack  consists of motor, control panel, hydraulic pump, valves, manifolds mounted on a reservoir. We manufacture this powerpack for a wide spectrum of industrial applications and keep the design minimalistic to enable ease of mobility. 

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

A Hydraulic powerpack is a vital machine to power up any Hydraulic system. The construction of a hydraulic powerpack  consists of motor, control panel, hydraulic pump, valves, manifolds mounted on a  reservoir. The power pack is known to generate high power and is used for applications where high pressure conditions are required such as Automobiles, Sheet Metal presses, Sugar Processing industries, Rolling Mills, Hydraulic Presses etc.  

This hydraulic powerpack that we manufacture is unique in terms of assembly because each component that is installed in the powerpack is completely customised to suit your application. The selection of these components is based on a range of criteria that is different for different applications. We can also customise the powerpack to support various features like pressure control, flow control, different power outputs. The design is made compact to allow the power pack to be suitable for a wide range of applications and for ease of accessibility. We can also develop a powerpack to suit a variety of operating modes like manual, push button or PLC Operated. 

Product Features:

  • Control Panel to monitor each parameter of the powerpack
  • A range of customisations to suit your end application 
  • Compact design for ease of handling
  • The paint for powerpack matches international standards

Technical Specifications

    1. Output Power: As per requirement
    2. Max. Pressure: As per requirement
    3. Dimensions: On requirement
    4. Motor: 0.5HP – 200HP
    5. Number of Pumps: Single/Double/Triple
    6. Voltage Range: 350V – 440V 
    7. Tank Size: 30 – 2000 litres (530 gallons)