NFPA Tie-rod type

NFPA Tie-rod type

The NFPA tie-rod range of cylinders are a standard range of tie-rod cylinders that are based on ISO 6020-2. They are widely known to improve the performance efficiency of the hydraulic system and provide high standards of quality and safety. They find applications in almost all major engineering verticals like automobiles, construction equipment, machine tools, general manufacturing, plastic and rubber moulding, food processing industries etc.

The NFPA tie-rod cylinder is categorised based on its mounting type, port style and other standard operating features. Based on these characteristics, a standard set of specifications can be generated for the cylinder. We also work closely to know the end application of the customer, where we can customise the cylinder to best suit the application. This helps us provide a wider range of cylinder specifications and be associated with a wider array of industrial applications. 

The NFPA tie rod cylinders are available in various types, based on their sizes, the extremity of their application and basic customer requirement. The tie rod cylinders are usually classified as medium duty and heavy duty tie rod cylinders. We work in close connection with our customers to study their requirement and provide them with the best possible combination of the tie rod cylinder to help them have maximum output performance 

We also provide complete design support and assistance for replacement of existing cylinders to enable our customers have cost saving benefits.

We manufacture custom developed tie rod cylinder based on global standards along with best in class components to provide complete value addition as well as reduce maintenance downtime


Product Features

      1. High precision machined, high strength steel pistons with hard chrome plating to ensure anti-corrosion
      2. Heavy duty, high quality bearings and seals to ensure maximum life 
      3. Bronze filled PTFE Piston and rod seals have very low coefficient of friction and anti-extrusion characteristics that ensure perfect sealing with frictionless smooth movement
      4. The cartridge-type sealing concept for piston rods enables easy maintenance and replacement of seals without opening of cylinder end covers. 
      5. Cartridge type sealing is extremely useful where cylinders are mounted on machine structure to not dismantle the cylinder.

Design Features


      1. Piston Rod
        • Hard chrome plated for better durability and sealing
        • Available in range of diameters for different applications
      2. Rod Cartridge assembly
        • Precision machined for better wear resistance
        • Single piece, threaded assembly done into the head on a precision bored diameter for superior fit.
      3. Sealing system 
        • Special wear bands to minimise metal to metal contact to prevent wear and provide better life
        • Composite seal material selection to provide higher efficiency 
        • Combination of wear band and seal to provide smoother operation
        • Designed to prevent any leakage
      4. Captive Screws
        • Ease of complete adjustment of screws
        • Prevents complete removal of screws for adjustment
      5. Cushion System
        • The controlled acceleration and deceleration profiles translates into quicker cycle times and increased production
        • Cushioning helps to avoid the impact load on end covers of cylinder at end of stroke for high speed application
      6. Global standards
        • Designed in accordance with NFPA standards and conforming to ISO 6202 – 2 and related standards based on send application

Technical Specification

  1. Bore: 25 to 200 mm
  2. Rod: 16 to 150 mm
  3. Stroke: Upto 3000 mm
  4. Working Pressure: 63/160/207 Bar


                                                                                    SINGLE ROD CYLINDER
Side LugSide TappedEnd lug mountKeyed side lug
Keyed tappedHead rectangular flangeHead square flangeHead rectangular
ClevisSpecial BushingCap Rectangular FlangeCap Square Flange
Cap rectangularCap TrunnionIntermediate trunnionHead Trunnion
Cap end extended tie rodBoth ends extended tie rodDetachable ClevisHead Extended tie rod


                                                                                    DOUBLE ROD CYLINDER
Double Rod Side LugDouble Rod TappedDouble Rod End lug Double Rod Extended Tie Rod
Double Rod Keyed Side LugDouble Rod Keyed tappedDouble Rod Rectangular FlangeDouble Rod Square Flange
Double Rod Head RectangularDouble Rod Intermediate TrunnionDouble Rod Head TrunnionDouble Rod Centerline Lug