Extra-large / Custom Built Cylinder

Extra-large / Custom Built Cylinder

Our range of the Extra-Large(XL) or custom range of cylinders are made up of bore sizes upto 1500mm and stroke sizes of upto 20,000mm. They are completely custom made and include a wide range of features to compliment the design. They are specially developed to suit extreme working conditions and be deployed at one of the most unconventional application industries. Some common applications include hydro powered dams, mining, heavy machinery, offshore oil rigs, aerospace, energy development, bulk material handling etc. 

Each of our custom made cylinders are tailor made to suit the specific requirements of the job they are developed for. They are complete with various features like position sensing, fluid connectors, sensors, accumulators, drives to make the cylinders more sustainable and compatible for a diverse set of applications. It also can be developed as an entire system where we can provide a completely tailor made solution to improve the overall efficiency of your requirement. 

The custom made cylinders are special purpose tailor made products that are developed while working in close connection with our customers. This way, we can provide the best possible engineered solution for your requirement as well as provide cost saving benefits as well as provide complete design and development support in the process. This also enables us to serve you with a product which has much better durability and has an increased life cycle, which in turn reduces your maintenance, breakdowns or repair costs. 

The custommade cylinders include a variety of standard options when it comes to individual parts. The material specifications for each individual part of the cylinder are carefully selected from a spectrum of options to give us the most suitable combination of materials to improve the overall efficiency of the product. Each of our custom cylinder are tested for quality control before deployment to ensure a longer life cycle and better performance throughout


Design Features

  1. Each individual component used in the development of the cylinder is carefully selected to ensure utmost compatibility with other components in the cylinder assembly
  2. A range of material specifications available for components like seals and wipers, bearings, piston rings etc. 

Product Features

  1. Custom design and development of each cylinder based on individual project requirement. 
  2. A wide range of specifications and combinations available over custom cylinders to include a diverse spectrum of applications
  3. Developed for extreme working conditions or irregular applications like dams, heavy engineering applications, aerospace, offshore oil rigs etc

Technical Specification

    1. Bore sizes of upto 1500mm
    2. Stroke length of upto 20,000mm
    3. Hydraulic pressure rating upto 650 bar