Core Cane Sampler

Core Cane Sampler

The core cane sampler is a special purpose equipment  in the sugarcane or sugar processing industry. It is specially designed for a very specific application and developed to determine the genuine quality of a sample of the selected load of sugarcane. This helps to analyse and determine the quality of the rest of the batch before it is processed. 

The core sampler consists of a tubular structure which consists of a dedicated area for the truck to be parked for the sample to be selected. The sample to be tested is extracted by an ejector that is powered by a hydraulic cylinder. This sample extracted is tested and proves to be an approximation of the entire lot of the sugarcane. The core cane sampler can be designed and developed to have a traverse action to its left and right to provide an ease of operation. This core sampler also consists of a platform where the hydraulic cylinder is accessible for the operator. It is developed as a simple component yet a robust structure to carry out the initial screening for the batch of sugarcane.

After the sampling process is carried out, the equipment travels back to its original position. This process can be carried out manually or an automated system can be installed. This core cane sampler has a very specific application in the sugar industry but can be developed to suit such similar applications in other fields as well


Product Features

      1. Robust structure with a simple design
      2. Hydraulic Cylinder to carry out the sampling  process from the batch
      3. A platform for the operator to carry out the process
      4. Left-right traverse operation inbuilt with the system
      5. Available in automatic and manual systems to return to base after the operation

Technical Specification

    1. Power: Hydraulic/Motor Driven
    2. Structure: Heavy duty tubular
    3. Height: As per requirement
    4. Sample Size: 5 kg (Approx)
    5. Capacity: 20 trucks/day