Baling machine

Baling Machine

Baling machine is a machine that is used to compress, cut together material, which makes it easy for transporting material or stack them. It is driven by hydraulic power and can be applied to various materials like sugarcane bagasse, hay, or rice husk. The design and construction are quite simplistic but made to handle heavy work cycles. The machine generically is a twin station machine. This is a unique innovation that we have done to have a special application machine for the sugarcane industry to easily stack bales. But at the same time, this machine can be used for similar applications in a variety of industries. 

The construction of baling machine depends on the applications and the requirements of the customer. It can be customized depending on the material being handled and the end application of the product.


Product Features

  1. Twin Station type machine to increase output efficiency.
  2. Customised design for sugarcane industry
  3. Robust design for heavy work cycles 
  4. High output capacity for more productivity
  5. Relocation can be done easily for multiple locations

Technical Specification

  1. Material: sugarcane bagasse, hay, cotton, and rice husk.
  2. Power: Hydraulic/Electric Motor


Motor Rating

Bale Size (mm)

Output (TPH)

Cylinder Size

Output (Bales/hr)


25 HP

270 x 270 x 470 mm

5 – 6

125 mm



40 HP

310 x 310 x 450 mm

10 – 12

200 mm



60 HP

350 x 350 x 400 mm

14 – 16

250 mm