Centralized mill lubrication system

Centralized Mill Lubrication System

Centralised mill lubrication system is a specialised product developed for steel mills and sugar processing. The product is much similar to a multiple point lubrication system but it is customised to suit a variety of applications for sugar processing plants, steel industry, rolling mills and such manufacturing plants. The centralised system have two centralized working reservoirs that have a capacity of about 100 litres. One system is kept in operation whereas the other system is kept as standby in case of irregularities for the first system. This central system delivers the necessary lubricant required throughout the processing line.

We have specially innovated and developed this product to be a value addition and prove beneficial for sugar processing plant. This product is manufactured taking into consideration the process cycle for a sugar processing plant or a steel mill. 


Product Features

  1. Central lubricant reservoir for entire operation
  2. Cost reduction due to a single lubrication system operating for multiple points on the line
  3. Control panel to monitor the working of each individual point of lubrication
  4. Safety Valve and Pressure Gauge for better safety features

Technical Specification


Max Operating pressure: 

400 bar

Temperature range:

-25°C to 70°C


50 cSt – 500 cSt

Reservoir Capacity: 

100 litres

Number of lubrication points: 



1 HP, 3 Phase, 440V, 1500 rpm


40 cc/min


Hydraulic/Electric Operated

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