Cut Over Valve

Cut Over Valves

Cut Over Valve is a specialised application valve that majorly finds application in the sugar industry. In the sugar processing plant, the cut over valve is used to allow the flow of boiling sugar juice also called as sugar massecuite to flow between the pans. The installation of the valve is much similar to the pan discharge valve but instead of allowing the flow from the pan to the crystalliser, this cut over valve allows the flow in between two pans. For example, if there are multiple pans installed in a cycle, and cut over valves installed in between them. If Pan 1 is filled with sugar massecuite and Pan 2 is emptied after application, the cut over valve can be opened and the process can be shared by both the valves.

The cut over valve consists of an opening on the top and a hydraulic cylinder at the bottom. The ram of the valve is made of Stainless Steel to prevent rusting. The cutover valve operates on the principle of creating vacuum to allow the flow of the boiling sugar from one pan to the other. This helps the pans to not be overloaded at any point in time. This also assists in the easy flow of the massecuite.

As the sugar comes directly in contact with the valve, the lining of the cut over valve is made with EPDM Food grade rubber sheet to adhere to the norms of the food industry. This valve reduces the requirement of a large work force to maintain the discharge section and can be maintained by one discharge operator handling the entire pan section. 

Although the cut over valve finds major applications in the sugar processing industry, it can also be custom developed to suit applications that require a similar operation for valves. 


Product Features

  1. Stainless Steel Plunger
  2. EPDM food grade rubber sheet
  3. Hydraulic double-acting cylinder
  4. Operating control panel with solenoid DCV with electrically operated open/close button
  5. 100% Leakproof & Maintenance-free operation.

Technical Specification

  1. Construction: Rectangular, Circular
  2. Plunger: Stainless Steel
  3. Inspection Window: Optional
  4. Standard: BS10 Table D
  5. Control Structure: Hydraulic , Gear type, Pneaumatic
  6. Operating Temp: 70° -140° C
  7. Material Composition: MS, SS, CS
  8. Cylinder shaft: Induction Hardened Steel
  9. Gland packing: Graphite Gland
  10. Flanges: Carbon Steel
  11. Fasteners: Carbon Steel
  12. Pressure Rating: 0-150 bar
  13. Seat: Replaceable EPDM Sheet

Suitable NB of Cut Line

NB of Cut Over Valve

150 mm

6” Valve

200 mm

8” Valve

250 mm

10” Valve

300 mm

12” Valve

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