Pan Discharge Valve

Pan Discharge Valves

          Pan Discharge Valve, also known in the market as D-Block, is a valve that is developed for a specialised application in the sugar processing industry. The most common application of the pan discharge valve is that it controls the flow of boiling sugar juice also called as sugar massecuite and transfers it to the crystalliser. The top part of the pan discharge valve is a vacuum seal that is attached to the pan containing the massecuite. The pan discharge valve is connected to a cylinder at the bottom that controls the opening and closing of the valve by hydraulic power or an actuator system. The ram that opens up the valve is usually made of Stainless Steel SS 310 grade to give lifelong protection from rusting.

          Our pan discharge valve is also developed by an inch control that allows for step by step flow of the boiling sugar massecuite to have controlled flow into the crystallizer. This helps the labour to maintain the capacity of the pan and prevent any failure due to overflow. The pan discharge valve can also be provided with various attachments or  accessories like gauges to monitor the open/close status of the valve. As the sugar comes directly in contact with the valve, the lining of the pan discharge valve is made with EPDM Food grade rubber sheet to adhere to the norms of the food industry. This valve reduces the requirement of a large workforce to maintain the discharge section and can be maintained by one discharge operator handling the entire pan section.


Product Features

  1. Stainless steel 310 grade Ram (Lifelong Non rusting)
  2. Control Station Enabling inch control 
  3. 100% leak proof operation
  4. Provision of the gauge to show whether the valve is open or closed 
  5. EPDM food grade rubber sheet

Technical Specification

  1. Mounting: Face Mounting
  2. Handling: Liquids, Semi-Solids, Sugar juice
  3. Control Structure: Hydraulic Pneumatic, Gear type, Manual
  4. Operating Temp: 70° -140° C
  5. Material Composition: MS, SS
  6. Cylinder shaft: EN8, MS, SS
  7. Gland packing: Asbestos
  8. Flanges: Carbon Steel
  9. Fasteners: Carbon Steel
  10. Pressure Rating: 0-150 bar
  11. Seat: Replaceable EPDM Sheet

NB of the Vacuum Pan

Tonnage of Vacuum Pan

Dia 500

40-60 Ton

Dia 600

60-80 Ton

Dia 800

80-100 Ton


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