De-baling machine

De-Baling Machine

A de-baling machine is ideally used in sugar processing industry for breaking down of bagasse bales. It assists in breaking down bales and helps for easier product flow at a granular level. The design is innovated in a way, where the flow can be directed or discharged into a conveyor directly from the machine. 

The machine is made from steel to increase the lifecycle of the product. The arms or blades are perfectly synced and indexed with each other along the length of the machine to achieve the desired granular size.

The ability of this machine to achieve minimum granular size with almost zero maintenance due to its high design and manufacturing standards. it is an ideal choice for sugar processing industries and it can also be designed to accommodate an open crate or conveyor at the bottom to allow its integration with the next process.


Product Features

    1. Easy product flow at granular level
    2. Custom design to suit multiple output requirements
    3. Robust design for heavy work cycles 
    4. High output capacity for more productivity
    5. Relocation can be done easily for multiple locations

Technical Specification

    1. Material: Mild Steel
    2. Crushing teeth – Carbide Coated Mild Steel 
    3. Power: Shaft driven, Motor driven
    4. Capacity: 15 TPH, 20 TPH,  25 TPH, 30 TPH
    5. Max Speed: 100 rpm
    6. Min Distance between blades: 8mm
    7. Input Material: Sugarcane, Silt, grains, pellets, 
    8. Size: Customised on applications

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