Two / Three jaw Bearing hydraulic puller

Two-Three jaw/ Bearing hydraulic puller

A two/three jaw puller is designed to handle industrial applications of dismounting where very little force is used in the operation. The device consists of a hydraulic pump and a set of jaws and used extensively for maintenance and repair work. The design is kept compact to suit a wide range of applications and be mobile for higher capacity work spaces. 

The hydraulic puller uses a high quality hydraulic lift system to position the puller. This system enables the user to have an easy operation as well as precise positioning. The hydraulic puller is mounted with a safety valve to prevent overload limiting the force required to carry out operations. It also operated on a 360° rotary handle or socket to allow ease of multi directional operation.

The hydraulic puller is manufactured with forged steel and processed with the latest trends in the market to ensure sturdiness and efficiency in the diverse application range. 


This hydraulic puller is also called the bearing puller as it can be specially used for dismounting bearing. The design and features remain the same as the conventional. The bearing pullers have hydraulically actuated jaws to have a firm and secure grip on the workpiece. It also ensures a balanced hold, providing even grip on the entire workpiece. The puller’s design includes a dual pump system, a low and high pressure pump, for holding and positioning the  workpiece and the other for controlling the motion of the cylinder to prevent the jaws from releasing. One of the most common application for this product includes removing the bearing from car transmission. 


Product Features

  1. Can be assembled in both 2 or 3 jaw configurations
  2. Self centering for even, balanced and secured hold  over workpiece
  3. Protects workpiece during operation preventing damage losses
  4. Special dual pump arrangement – Low and high pressure.  
  5. The puller can be assembled on a cart for ease of mobility

Technical Specification

  • Applications: Dismounting Equipment, Removing pulleys, wheels, 
  • Capacity: 10T / 20T / 30T / 50T
  • Power: Motor Driven
  • Number of Jaws: 2 or 3