Hilo unloader

Hilo Unloader

Hilo unloaders are structures used to unload the sugarcane directly from the trucks onto the feeder table or hopper or any other desired location depending on your process.  They can be powered by hydraulic cylinders running on a hydraulic pump or can use an electric winch running on a rope drum. The operating feature in the control panel ensures the hilo unloader can operate at varying speeds and different working pressures. We have also incorporated safety measures in the design itself to ensure a safety margin of 125%. In certain cases, we can also customize the hilo unloader to run on a diesel engine if power source is an uncertain constraint.

The hydraulic pump powered hilo unloader consists of hydraulic cylinders and a power pack that allows superior control over operations like tilting, unloading, lifting, and vehicle tilting mechanism. The hydraulic jack installed also ensures that the vehicle does not tilt beyond a certain limit to avoid accidents.

The electric winch type hilo unloader with a rope drum controls the lift by using a hook that passes through a guided structure. The electric winch controls the pull of the hook that ensures smooth and uniform lifting, tilting and vehicle tilting. This also consists of Hydraulic Jacks to ensure the vehicle does not tilt beyond a certain limit to avoid any accidents.

Our Hilo unloaders are robust and reliable in construction providing efficient unloading performance. The structure and mechanisms are dynamically designed to withstand rigorous working cycles and provide less maintenance shutdowns.


Product Features

  1. Operator cabin to have a clear unobstructed view of the operation
  2. Solenoid Valves to provide ease of operation.
  3. Bigger Oil reservoirs to prevent overheating and better filters to keep the system clean
  4. Hook positioning control to make the operation easy for various type of vehicles.
  5. Hilo unloaders are basically stationary, but for certain conditions we can provide a mobile or travelling hilo unloader on I-beam rails which would be hydraulic powered. 

Technical Specification

  1. Structure: Heavy duty tubular structure
  2. Capacity:  15T, 25T , 40T, 50T, 60T(5 Models)
  3. Lifting Height: 12.5 m Max
  4. Construction: Stationary/Travelling
  5. Travel: Rails
  6. Operation: Hydraulic
  7. Power: Electric Motor
               Tonnage          Operation Type                      Motor HP            Oil Tank Capacity
               1               15T



                       55KW / 75HP                    1200 Liters
              2               25T                   75KW / 100HP                    1200 Liters
              3               40T                   150KW / 200HP                    1500 Liters
              4               50T                   150KW / 200HP                    1500 Liters
              5               60T                   225KW / 300HP                    1800 Liters