Hydraulic dehooking

Hydraulic Dehooking

Hydraulic dehooking machine is a hydraulic powered equipment that is used in the mass handling of sugarcane. This machine is primarily used to unload the bundles of sugarcane from the truck or container onto the conveyor for further processing. This dehooking system can be used to suit other such applications where mass handling of the product is required with a few modifications to the specifications and design of the dehooking system. 

The hydraulic system consists of two sets of hooks that hold the material together. One set is the fixed one and the other the movable one, which is powered by a hydraulic system built on the dehooking block. This dehooking system consists of a hydraulic pump, a motor and a hydraulic cylinder. 

The retraction of the hydraulic cylinder controls the opening and closing of the movable hooks. This opening and closing of the hooks allows the system to lift the sugar cane load from the truck and unload it at the desired location. The entire hydraulic de-hooking system is enclosed in a metal casing that makes it durable and sturdy for extreme working conditions. The entire casing is lifted and operated by the help of an overhead crane. This allows the system to have a ample working space and a more stable performance.The  hydraulic system is not just restricted to the mass handling of sugarcane. It can be customised to suit such applications where mass handling of components or products is required. For example, it can be used in steel mills, rolling mills to load processed material to be loaded on to the trucks and railway wagons. This system provides efficient mass handling and moving of loads from one position to the other.


Product Features

  1. Efficient mass handling of cane in sugar industry
  2. Complete hydraulic system to provide smooth operation
  3. Working based on retraction of hydraulic cylinder to open the hooks. 
  4. Metal casing for sturdy and durability during extreme working conditions
  5. Crane mounted operation for smoother operating  cycles. 

Technical Specification

    1. Cycle Time: 40  Sec
    2. Load capacity: 7.5 MT, 12.5 MT, 20MT
    3. Hydraulic Tank: 20 lit
    4. Motor rating: 2 HP
    5. Operation: Hydraulic powered by a hydraulic cylinder