Cane grabber

Cane Grabber

Cane grabber or sugarcane grabber, as the name suggests, is the equipment used for mass handling of sugarcane at various processing plants. It can handle loads depending on your application and can be custom-designed to suit your requirements. It also finds similar applications in various other industries like paper mills, steel industries, etc. The grabber is available in both electric motors operated as well as hydraulically operated types depending on your application. This product is known by different names depending on your region such as cane unloader, cane carrier and we have manufactured top quality products under all these product names.

The design is kept simple to have minimum or almost zero maintenance. This really helps the end customer to have a cost-productive or value addition equipment for a heavy work cycle. The operating mechanism is also kept simple for anyone to be able to easily operate the equipment under different conditions depending on region and workforce. The construction is robust to withstand heavy-duty operations and work cycles. They are also innovatively designed and dynamically tested to reduce work cycles and provide an efficient operation.


Product Features

    1. Hydraulic cylinder operated grabbing mechanism
    2. Firm hold of gripping to avoid any accidents during operation
    3. Simple design for minimal maintenance
    4. Two main types of products available: Sling Type and Grab type. 

Technical Specification

    1. Lifting Weights: 5T – 15T
    2. Operation: Hydraulic/Mechanical
    3. Construction: Fabricated Structure
    4. Motion: Two directional
    5. Power: Electric Motor/Hydraulic Pump