Multi-line lubrication systems

Multi-line lubrication systems

Multiline lubrication systems work on the concept of having a centralised lubricant pump and then having multiple outlets to cover the entire production line. Our systems use hydraulics to power up the system and automate the entire lubrication process at multiple points on the line. The system is available as an entire kit with the central lubrication reservoir, tubing, connectors and the control panel. This system can effectively lubricate from a single point to about 18 points on the line.

We also manufacture the multipoint system in a custom way, where it is driven by a piston type pump to lubricate the multiple points. The lubrication oil passes from the central tank to the piston operated directional control valve where it is distributed to the various locations. The  main advantage of this system is the cost saving factor. It eliminates the requirement of various single and dual point lubricators for larger process cycles and provides the necessary lubrication required from one central system. This multipoint system finds major applications in sugar processing plant, Steel industry, Rolling mills, automobile manufacturing, agriculture, textile manufacturing, food processing plants, fertilizer manufacturing and many such industry verticals. The speciality of the design of this multi point lubrication system is that it can be customized to suit a variety of requirements in the industrial and non-industrial sector and helps minimize maintenance and operational costs.


Product Features

  1. Metal Casing for a longer product life 
  2. Feedback system to monitor each and every lubrication point individually
  3. Piston type pump to main consistent pressure throughout
  4. Control Panel to monitor the status and quantity of lubricant. 
  5. Higher and better lubrication capacity

Technical Specification

    1. Viscosity: 50 cSt – 500 cSt
    2. Max Lubrication Points: 18
    3. Max Pressure Range: 120 bar
    4. Temperature range: -25°C to 70°C
    5. Power: Hydraulic/Motor driven
    6. Reservoir capacity: 50-100 litres
    7. Motor: 1 HP, 3 Phase, 440V, 1500 rpm
    8. Discharge: 40 cc/min

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