Helmet Shell Moulding Press

Helmet Shell Moulding Press

Helmet shell moulding press is a special purpose machine developed for the Helmet manufacturing industry. It is an essential piece of equipment that allows the company cost saving benefits by manufacturing the helmet shells in house rather than importing these shells. This shell moulding press manufacturers the same precision quality shells required for global standards of helmets and is a proven piece of equipment that is serving the helmet manufacturing industry for almost a decade now. 

This press consists of a hydraulic powerpack, a hydraulic cylinder, and a platform for moulding shells. The main component required for shell moulding the helmets is the fiber-reinforced plastic that is a composite material made up of polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. Resin is used to solidify and hold these fibres in the form of a hollow shell. The fiber-reinforced plastic pieces are placed on a die and loaded on to the platform. Resin is mixed with the fibres and allowed to take the shape of the die. 

The hydraulic cylinder then pushes a balloon shaped fixture in repeated cycles, expanding the mixture in the shape of a hollow shell for repeated cycles. This mould is then heated under a predefined temperature to provide strength and to solidify the mould. This process also reduces the cycle time for manufacturing the helmet shells while maintaining the quality and standards of the helmet industry. This process is most commonly used in helmet manufacturing and is applicable for all types of helmets like full face helmet, half face helmet, hat type helmet, construction grade helmets etc. This shell moulding press had a reduced cycle time per helmet and hence a higher output efficiency which increases overall efficiency when compared to importing already manufactured shells 



Product Features

  1. Global quality standards to inhouse manufactured helmet shells
  2. Less cycle time to achieve higher output efficiency
  3. Compact size press to allow multiple machines to increase output
  4. Hydraulic powered press for lower losses and better product
  5. Precision machining for higher quality of helmet shells

Technical Specification

  1. Capacity: 50 MT
  2. Balloon Pressure: 7 bar
  3. Motor: 5HP
  4. Cycle time: Upto 5 mins
  5. Helmet Shell types: Full face, Half Face, Hat type, Construction grade