Foam Fabric Cutting

Foam Fabric Cutting

This foam fabric cutting press is a different type of a hydraulic press than the conventional presses used for manufacturing. This is majorly used in the textile and apparel industry where a considerable number of intricate pieces need to be cut for mass manufacturing. It can also be used for other items like manufacturing for pillows and such fabrics that require a specific cut shape. 

The press consists of a platform that feeds the fabric to the press. The foam or piece of fabric that needs to be shaped is placed on the required die and placed on the platform. The table then retracts into the press and hydraulic pressure cuts the fabric into the required shape. The platform then extends out, allowing you to collect the pieces and send them further for processing.

This machine is widely used in places where small pieces need to be cut for processing of an assembly product. This press can also be customised to suit similar applications in other industries as well. Although, the process might include a few changes to the basic structure of the press, the fundamental principle of operation remains the same


Product Features

  1. Beneficial in cutting smaller pieces for processing for assembly products. 
  2. Compact construction, higher capacity and shorter cycle time
  3. Suitable for multiple types of fabric cutting based on dies
  4. Double acting cylinder for better output efficiency

Technical Specification

  1. Capacity: 30MT (15MT + 15MT)
  2. Motor: 3 HP
  3. Cylinder: Double acting
  4. Table Size: 1500mm x 600mm
  5. Dimensions: 2500mm x 1300mm x 1650 mm
  6. Stroke: 200 mm
  7. Cycle Time: 5 cycles/min
  8. Open Length: 300 mm
  9. Closed length: 100 mm