C-Type Hydraulic Presses

C-Type Hydraulic Presses

The C-type or as it is commonly called an open throat hydraulic press is used majorly in press shops around the world. It derives its name by the shape of its edges. It consists of a robust structure,  a platform, a hydraulic power pack and a motor. The design is tested for various strengths and provides an efficient performance. The aesthetic look of press is standardised to provide consistency in the identity of our company.  

The C type hydraulic press is customised to suit the application registered by the customer. We have a standard set of values that we have developed over the years and based on these calculations, we design and manufacture the best combination of C type or open throat press. 


Product Features

  1. Rigid frame support at full load
  2. Heavy duty construction 
  3. Large daylight for a convenient workspace
  4. Different speeds – Approach/Return/Pressing
  5. Available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operations. 
  6. Separate power pack for more efficient power usage

Technical Specification

  1. Capacity :  10 TON to 150 TON
  2. Stroke :  up to 700 mm
  3. Daylight : Up to 1000 mm
  4. Working Table Size From 300 x 300 to 500 x 600 mm
  5. Die-cushion or Ejector capacity : 5 TON to 50 TON
  6. Die Cushion or Ejector Stroke : 50 mm to 250 mm
  7. Power : As Per Customer Requirement