Hydraulic Clamps

Hydraulic Clamps

Hydraulic clamps are special-purpose tools used in place of conventional clamps. They are specially designed and made compact in size to match the ease of operation of conventional clamps but deliver far superior grip than conventional clamps. The basic operation of the hydraulic clamps is to provide a firm grip/hold to the machinery. These clamps are best suited for Danieli Morgardshammar rolling mills, Morgan Worcester mills, Rana Udyog mills and are an economical and efficient replacement part for these mill makes. They are also adaptable with mills of other global make and can be an economical choice of uncompromised quality being designed and manufactured in house.  

Hydraulic clamps are majorly used in steel and rolling mills. The major application that hydraulic clamps have is to hold the rolling mill firmly into the foundation structure. The hydraulic clamp is made up of a piston rod, Springs hydraulic oil, and an outer casing or shell. The hydraulic clamp piston rod is in the extended position during the clamping process. When the rolling mill needs to be replaced for maintenance, oil is pressurized to retract the piston against the spring to provide necessary clearance for Rolling mill to be replaced. Once the roll block is fixed on top, the pressure can be released and the clamp is back in place. The hydraulic clamp is a standard product that is manufactured for a specific application. But we can customize the product to suit such similar applications in other engineering verticals. 


Product Features

  1. Superior hold over conventional clamping techniques
  2. Economical model for replacement for global brands
  3. Efficient and easy operation for maintenance purpose
  4. Recommended replacement part for global mill makes like Danieli Morgardshammar rolling mills, Morgan Worcester mills, Rana Udyog mills